Frequently asked questions
How often do you have to replenish the household product in the moat for the barrier to remain effective?
What else can the Sani-Moat Ant Barrier be used for?
What type of food holders can you attach the Ant Barrier to?
What household products can you use in the moat?
Can Pets or children access the moat when it is attached to the food holder?
Does the Ant Barrier actually kill ants?
Is it dishwasher safe?
Is it allright to use the Ant Barrier outside and at the campsite?
When filling the moat, how much of the household product do you need to put in?
Is the Ant Barrier offered in different sizes?
What are the "EXPANDER LEGS"?
Attaching 4 moats to a platform for use in the garage, outside the home, and at the campsite.
Using 4 moats for protection of Barbecues, Babv cribs, etc.
Can you purchase more than one collar so that you could use two food holders with one moat?
What are the "SUCTION CUPS" used for?
Will the Pressure sensitive material Bond for a long time?
Does the Ant Barrier Tip over easily?