Q:   Can I purchase Extra Collars so that I can use one Moat with more than one Food Holder?
YES!  You can order Extra Collars so that you can use one Moat with more than one Food Holder.  Of course you can only use one of the Food Holders at any given time with one Moat but you may find this feature convenient.

Say that you have a pet dish inside the house and one pet dish that you store with your camping gear.  You can secure a collar to both the Home Pet Dish and the Camping Pet dish and use One Moat for both.

Or if you have a couple of different Trays that you would like to use out on the Picnic table at different times to match the Motif but all you really need is one moat.

Or if you want to buy a new plate, dish, bowl or tray but want to still use the same Moat, just purchase another Collar and stick it on your newly purchased Food Holder.

We could continue, but you get the picture.