From:   "C. George Y
To:   <>
Subject:   Sani-Moat product is great for my baby's crib!

Dear Rick,

The four Sani-Moat units that I have put under the legs of my baby's crib are proving to be 100% effective in keeping ants off of my baby and his mattress!  Before I put in the Sani-Moat units, I used to almost daily find crawling ants or dead ants on the crib mattress or even on my baby.  I would occassionally even find small red marks on my baby's skin that might be ant bites.  Ever since putting in the Sani-Moats (with dishwasher detergent as the household fluid), I have found not a single ant or dead ant anywhere on the mattress or on my baby.

(I am trying to deal with the ant problem in my house using bait stations and without using insecticides, and while that battle is not yet succeeding, at least the Sani-Moat units are keeping my baby safe.  :-)

Per the plan that I had mentioned to you, I am using just the one-piece base portion of each Sani-Moat unit--i.e., I did not install the top "cap" that has the adhesive.  Also, thanks for not installing the rubber footpads underneath my Sani-Moat units.  In view of the heavy weight of the crib, I do also think that it is more structurally solid to have the Sani-Moat contact ground directly across its entire footprint.

Again, thanks for your super product.  I like it so much I just might go online onto all the baby websites and brag about it to drum up more sales for you!  :-)

George Y.   (San Diego)

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Subject:   Your Web Site Received a Form Submission

Name Rebecca G
I am really impressed with your product. AT first I was a little skeptical that it would really work as you said it would to deter ants. I bought one Sani-Moat and placed it on the bottom of my outside cat's food dish which always seems to attract ants as soon as I put it out. It worked beautifully. I have had the dish out on my porch for about 3 weeks and the ants no longer come anywhere near it. I have found some dead ants in the bottom part of the moat, but they have not been able to invade the food. My cat and I thank you so much for making this miracle product!

Rebecca   (California)
To:   <>
Subject:   Question Regarding Microwave Use

Thank you for developing such a great product!  My cats can enjoy their food now and I don't have to worry about constantly picking up their bowls before they are finished eating.

Can the collar that is attached to the bowl be microwaved on high for about 15-20 seconds?  Sometimes I need to warm up the cat food and I don't want to have to use a separate dish.


Caroline S.  (Florida)
Subject:   MOAT
Your Moat is fantastic.  I have inprovised these kind of things for years living in the tropics, in Hawaii.  This is a hot tip!  You should market this in Hawaii where ant problems are huge in many many kitchens. Market it for use for food, sweets, honey, etc etc. 

gw  (Hawaii).


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August 2005
A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Name Sharon R C.
Comments Your product is the absolute best!! I live in west central Florida,
ant/bug capital of the entire world! We were wasting bowl after bowl of expensive
catfood due to ants..after attaching the Sani-Moat, instantly No More Ants!!
Thank you sooo much! I will spread the word!

October 2005
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Subject:   Your Web Site Received a Form Submission

Name D.  Rios  Melbourne, Florida

Comments This is a great product, I can now put my cat food on the floor and not
worry about the ants getting it. The company is easy to deal with and they are
polite and very prompt.
June 10,2006
To:   "" <>

I just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!! for your excellent product.  I tried everything for my ant problem at home, and nothing ever worked.  The Sani-Moat Ant Barrier is the perfect solution to my longstanding ant problem in my kitchen.

I hope your business is doing well and will continue to do well.  But if, in the future, your business is for whatever reason planning to discontinue the product, please let me know so I can stock up on Sani-Moats for years to come.

Have a great weekend,


June 2, 2006

Hey Rick!

Let me tell you that I think your pet bowl food protector is one of
the best inventions since "apple pie"! It is fantastic and certainly
solved my ant problem.

Good Luck with becoming a millionaire with it!

All the best,


August, 2006
Subject:   Your Web Site Received a Form Submission
A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Name Diane
Comments I loved it! The ants are confused and the cats are happy. Thanks!
April, 2007
Subject:   Your Web Site Received a Form Submission
Name Cathy

Comments We started getting ants in our pet food bowls last year so that is when
I bought 3 of the sani-moats. They worked perfectly. The ants couldn't get to the
food so stopped going to the pet bowls. I'll be buying another one for a family
member who has a cat.

May 2007
A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Name Derek S.   Long Beach, CA.
Comments Living in Long Beach, CA - ants are a problem you deal with every
spring regardless of how clean your house is.  I found this item at my local
PetCo and it works great!  I no longer wake up to my cats crying because there
are ants in their food and water bowls.

August 2008
Name brian c.

This product is awesome and works exactly as described!! for dogs that love to chew or chew plastic, make sure you don't leave the bowl unattended too long after he/she is done eating. i learned the hard way, but it was my fault knowing they love to chew stuff. this is a great, super, working product!!!

The First Dog to use the
"Sani-Moat Ant Barrier" in IRAQ!
(There is a war with Ants over there also!)
August 2008

Hi Folks,
I wanted to let you know your product is wonderful.  The ants were getting into kittie's Dish.  This works great!  Now if you scare away those pesky roach's, that would be wonderful too.  I live in a country setting and of course we get all kinds of critters at tnight.  One night I caught a friendly possum eating the food.  Well, nothing is perfect..but your Moat is close!
Beverly K.   Texas

September 2008

A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Name     Sandra B.

Comments     This product really works!  Not only are there no more ants in the cat food, there's no more waste from having to throw it out because of ants.  Yeah!

January 2009
I found your product while reading an article online tonight about deterring ants in the house.  I noticed the article mentioned so I read about it online and then I called my Petco store in Mission Viejo.  They had 2 of the Barrier II’s left—which I promptly bought tonight, and installed on the feeding bowls.  I’ve been waiting for a product like this since 1997, when I bought the old style moat bowls—the ones that had a moat surrounding a built in bowl.
The problem with these was the moat was open with the bowl, so when the cats ate food their neck fur area dipped into the water solution from the moat!  But it was the only moat product around that seemed sturdy so I’ve used them for 10 years with somewhat disappointing results.
With your product this moat problem appears to be gone, as the cats are shielded from the open moat and contents.  A side benefit I noticed is the moat underneath raised the feeding bowls just enough for better access and ergonomics.
Nice product and good luck with sales!  I just wish I knew about this sooner.
Would be nice to see this at Petsmart as well, where I don’t think you currently sell them.

D. Goldberg
Mission Viejo, California

December 2009

A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Comments         I have been using the ant barrier II for over a year now.  It works for me without needing to put anything into the moat.  I couldn't feed my cat in the kitchen where she likes to eat when we're eating, because ants would come from seemingly nowhere whenever I put out canned cat food.  Then they even started getting into the dry food and the water bowl.  This has completely solved the problem.  I agree with previous comments that the raised position is easier on the pet for feeding.

Carol M.
August 2009

A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Comments         THANK YOU!  This really, really works...and it's so simple, too.  I had a major problem with the ants getting into my 3 cat's food dishes.  Not anymore.  Works like a charm.  I thank you and Lucy, Allie and Kacee thank you as well!

C. Fox
July, 2009

A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Comments         Thank you sooooo much for this invention and taking it to market.  I take care of seven outdoor cats (they have all been fixed).  Without an ant barrier, it would be a nightmare out there with their cat food.  Now the ants mostly just go for the cat food pieces dropped by the munching cats.  Thanks sooooo much.
Karen, San Jose, California

San Jose, California