The Ant Barrier can also be used for other ant problems indoors and outdoors.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to purchase the "Original" "Sani-Moat Ant Barrier" for this application.

For stand alone furniture, you will need to purchase 3 or 4 Ant Barriers depending on how many legs you have to protect.  When ordering Ant Barriers for this purpose through the website, make sure that you choose the Original Version Ant Barrier. The moat does not have the recessed center wall and will sit directly on the ground so not to get warped from the weight of the furniture.   

Take the collar off and use the Moat (Bottom part only) to protect:
**  Baby cribs
**  Barbecues
**  Other multi legged furniture and appliances

Directions:  (See Important note below before proceeding)
Insert legs of furniture into moats (Bottom part only) .  The bottom of the legs cannot be more than 3 inches in diameter or 2 1/8 inch square so that they fit within the inside neck of the moat. (See Figure 1)

Q:   What else can the Ant Barrier be used for?
Important Note: With the Moat exposed without a food holder attached, the liquid, powder or other household product that you use in the moat is accessible by children and pets.  DO NOT use the moats for this purpose if Children or Pets have access to the Moats. 
3 inch  Diameter  
So that you can use these same Ant Barriers for different applications in the future, make sure that you store the Collars in a safe place to protect the adhesive. 
2 1/8th inch square 
Other uses
1) Platforms for Garbage cans and such.
Figure 1