The Ant Barrier can be attached to a variety of Food Holders.  The only requirement other than it be Plastic, Ceramic, Stainless steel, Wood, or other non porous material, is that it needs to have a 3.5 inch diameter flat surface area on the bottom for secure attachment. 
Do not attempt to attach the Ant Barrier to a rounded surface.  For example, some pet bowls have flared sides with a rounded inner bowl.  Instead of connecting the Ant Barrier to the bowl, connect the Ant Barrier to a plate, platter or tray that has the required flat surface area and then place the food holder with the rounded surface area on top.    
For larger jobs, use multiple Ant Barriers and/or "Expander Legs".

Attach to:
**Pet dishes / bowls. 
**Food Trays
**Food Platters
**Bulk food Storage Containers
**Trash Cans of all sizes
**Cosmetic trays
**Candy Holders
**Baby bottle strainers
**Wood platforms
**Stainless Steel
Q:   What type of Food Holders can you attach the Ant Barrier to?