Products include but are not limited to :

**Dishwashing liquid
**laundry detergent
**Petroleum jelly
**cooking oil
**Biodegradable Lubricants
**Other non toxic household products that deter ants.

The great thing about using dishwashing liquid is that it stays fluid for a long time and you can replenish the consistency by adding just a touch of water every couple weeks.  This of course is dependent on the weather and if you are inside or out.  Also it is an extremely easy clean up.

If you need longer term protection, use Cooking oit, Petroleum jelly or Biodegradable Lubricants.  The oil and Lubricants will last all year. 

DO NOT put Toxic products into Moat.
This product was designed to deter ants only.
Q:   What household products can you use in the Moat?