You will find that attaching the "Sani-Moat Ant Barrier" to most Dishes, Bowls and Plates is very sturdy.  The "Sani-Moat Ant Barrier II" has a base that is 1/4" wider than the Original Sani-Moat Ant Barrier.  

For larger applications, buy the 'Sani-Moat Ant Barrier II' with 'Expander Legs'. Also, the "Sani-Moat Ant Barrier II" with "Suction Cups" can help with Mischievous animals or in areas that you need the Food Holder to be completely 'Skid Proof'.  You can also attach two "Ant Barriers" onto the Food Holders instead of, or along with the Expander Legs.  
Q:  Does the "Sani-Moat Ant  Barrier" tip over easily?